Stress Relief Therapy

Do you need a quick stress reliever to get you back on track?
Have you always wondered about acupuncture but didn’t know where to begin?
Want to introduce your family and friends to the benefits of acupuncture?

Our $20 Stress Relief Therapy Is For You!

This 20 minute session uses only 2 acupuncture needles to:

  • Lower your stress levels
  • Alleviate anxiety
  • Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit
  • Bring you to a relaxed and balanced state

Our Stress Relief Therapy is the perfect way to gain an understanding of the wide number of benefits of acupuncture. ┬áLinda will walk you through the entire process and when you are done you will feel better…and wondered why you waited so long to try it!

During the session Linda can find out what types of acupuncture treatment may benefit you in the future, all the while releasing the stress you have.

Contact Linda at Dove Healing in Cleveland, TN today.